Gage Mine Safeguard Project

Gage, NM

Gage Mine Safeguard Project

Concrete Structure

M.C. Donegan received special recognition from the U. S. Department of the Interior Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement.  The project consisted of 164 mine features.  Preservation of the historic structures was of the upmost importance.

cast in place concrete structure
A cast in place concrete structure, welded metal grates and lockable access door were constructed for the “Helen shaft.
polyurethane foam closure
This was a polyurethane foam closure constructed around a corrugated steel pipe for ventilation.  The PUF was sprayed within a few feet of the shaft surface and then backfilled with natural rock.  A concrete cap with steel grate was then placed on the top of the shaft.
polyurethane foam closure

This was also a polyurethane foam closure with a concrete cap. It also had a corrugated steel ventilation pipe. These were constructed to blend in with the natural environment and protect the wildlife (endangered bats) living underground in the mine.

bat friendly grates
These bat friendly grates were constructed over deep open Stopes and Shafts. Access doors were installed in some of the Adits for observation of threatened or endangered wildlife.
metal grates
The metal grates were engineered extremely strong to avoid vandalism.

Shown here are other mine closure techniques to allow for the irregular shapes of the mine openings.  The steel supports were attached to the Adit walls by drilling and installing steel dowels to weld the angle iron structures to.