Wheeler Gulch Tunnel

Parachute, CO

Williams Energy: $ 20 million dollar Wheeler Gulch road and tunnel

Start of Tunnel

Completed Tunnel

M.C. Donegan: Provided drilling, blasting and presplitting on the road and tunnel entrance and exit. The Wheeler Gulch road to the tunnel was built to reach the Piceance Highlands for exploration and production.  Drill sites were built at switch back #1 and #3 on the haul road.

Switch back #1 Williams Energy drill site.

N. A. P. E. Williams Exhibit in Houston 2008

Williams Energy drill site, Wheeler Gulch Road, Switch back #3, Parachute, COThe top portion of this blasted rock slope was not presplit. During construction, management needed perimeter control solutions. M. C. Donegan developed presplitting techniques which had never been used in the oil shale in this region. The results were dramatic, as shown above.