Kensington Gold Mine

Coeur, Alaska

Kensington Gold Mine is located on the northern end of the Juneau Gold Belt. The main mineral mined is Calaverite or gold telluride.

M. C. Donegan: Provided controlled drilling, blasting, presplitting, and pressure grouting for Phase 2 of the mine tailings dam in 2012. The rock type around the dam and spillway is a Graphitic Phyllite with Quartzite Zones.

Coeur spent $350 Million to start the project. It took 18 years to permit the mine. A highly controversial project with 900 Environmental Studies. Ten Major Environmental Acts and Regulations. Ten Government Agencies. Ten separate storm water management areas within the mining operations.

Production drilling Phase 2 of the tailings dam spillway. Because of the environmentally sensitive area, geotextile liner across the tailings dam, seepage water treatment plant and electrical equipment below, extra care was taken to avoid damaging anything with falling rocks from the drilling, blasting and excavation operations.

Controlled blasting of the tailings dam spillway. Small shots were performed with an average powder factor of 2.6 pounds of explosive per cubic yard of rock. Every shot was excavated to give relief for the next shot.

Presplit drilling phase 2 of the tailings dam spillway. Drilling three inch holes on three foot spacing between holes. The average depth was 20 feet with a split factor of .09 pounds of explosives per square foot.

JUALIN PORTAL to support underground gold mining operations.

Drilling holes and curtain grouting the rock in the foundation of the tailings dam.